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We understand that the color of your teeth may be a big cosmetic concern. Thankfully, James W. Thomas, DDS, INC in Oxford, OH is able to help you tackle this dilemma with in-office or at-home teeth whitening. We supply a professional-grade product that has shown to be superior to most over-the-counter treatments currently available. Our whitening treatments, highly recommended by Drs. Bill and Becky Thomas, can brighten your teeth by several shades, helping you maintain your beautiful results for much longer than alternative options. We utilize Philips Zoom and Opalescence teeth whitening gels that truly do the job, reaching below the surface of the teeth to address deep stains.

What to expect from the teeth whitening treatments depends on which method is chosen. Since our practice provides multiple options for effective and high-quality teeth whitening, the treatment selected will be decided after a consultation where your goals and lifestyle are discussed and taken into consideration. In the majority of circumstances, your in-office teeth whitening sessions will be carried out in under an hour through the use of a professional-strength whitening gel, combined with the help of a light system that immediately cures and whitens the teeth by several colors. Our at-home kits are also effective but might offer a more subtle result over a few weeks and months.

Not only does my dental team provide me with excellent dental care the team is concerned with my health and how my teeth impact my overall health. Great and professional care.

S.E. Demandforce

Dr Thomas and his entire staff are so welcoming, professional but friendly. Mindy does a wonderful job cleaning my teeth. I appreciate that they have past records and always check them to see if they are “watching” for potential problems

S.J. Demandforce

Always friendly and helpful

N.W. Demandforce

As always, a wonderful experience.

A. Demandforce

Good experience.

D.P. Demandforce


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Teeth whitening may create quick and dramatic improvements to your teeth and overall appearance. If you have been contemplating a teeth whitening treatment but are not certain whether store-bought or professional options are the proper solutions, we urge you to schedule an appointment with Drs. Bill or Becky Thomas to talk about the benefits and risks of each method before you make your decision.

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